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Spring Fundraiser at Bremec on the Heights supports HRRC

You can spruce up your yard and garden while supporting Home Repair Resource Center. Just shop for all your lawn and garden supplies between Wednesday, April 22nd and Tuesday, May 5th at Bremec on the Heights Garden Center, 13410 Cedar Road in Cleveland Heights.… Read the rest

May is East Cleveland month

HRRC is offering a special incentive to East Cleveland residents in May. For all our May repair workshops, East Cleveland residents will pay only $5, instead of the regular $15 fee. Check out our workshop schedule and reserve your spot now.… Read the rest

Open house & tool sale scheduled for April 26th

Noble Neighbors are inviting community residents to get to know the businesses and organizations in the northeast section of Cleveland Heights. From noon to 5 pm on Sunday, April 26th, you can browse home and yard sales, visit stores and restaurants, and get to know many churches and organizations located on or near Noble Road.… Read the rest

New windows may not be the best way to reduce heating costs

After this frigid winter, you may be tempted by those television ads for replacement windows. Whether they’re promising dramatic reductions in your heating costs or “new, low prices” on their products, these ads suggest that replacing your windows is the best way to lower your energy usage.… Read the rest
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Repair Tips

Spring inspections for winter damage

Each year when the weather gets warmer, savvy homeowners will make time to evaluate their home for any problems that occurred over the winter. It’s important to look for problems that cold temperatures and heavy snow and ice may have caused to the systems of your house.… Read the rest

Screen replacement

Replacing screen (using screen fabric) is a simple repair, but requires some care. Screen is attached to a wood frame in a different fashion than with a metal frame, so the technique for replacing damaged screening will depend on the frame type.… Read the rest

Tree trimming & removal

Almost every year, storms occur that are strong enough to bring down trees and branches. It’s important to look carefully at the trees around your property –- both old and dying trees and younger, healthy specimens –- to determine how they might impact your house or garage.… Read the rest
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