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Thanks to our donors

Home Repair Resource Center is grateful to all those supporters who sent year-end contributions to our 2014-2015 Annual Campaign. The campaign will run through June 30th, and we we welcome gifts of all sizes. If you would like to make a donation or schedule an automatic gift (annual or monthly,), you can do so by clicking the “Donate now” button on this page that will link you to our site on Network for Good.… Read the rest

We appreciate our volunteer instructors

Home Repair Resource Center would like to thank all the professionals who taught a workshop for our Project Repair and Home How-To programs or shared their expertise in a HouseMender University presentation in 2014: Patricia Ankhanaton (Cleveland Youth Empowerment Program) Bill Audrick (Renew Contracting) Brian Baumgartner (Baumgartner Painting & Plaster) Martin Berry (Berry Insulation) Ken Brown (general contractor) Johnny Cochran (Cochran Plumbing) Fred Cortright Mark Derrickson (Ardmore Tree Service) Jim Ellia (Efficient Heating & Cooling) Art & Bill Engleman (Western Window Service) Ernie Fisco (AAA Flexible Pipe) Andy Gathy (Heights Hardware) Lenny Goldfarb (Cedar Center Hardware) Carl Goldstein Vince Horvath (Artistic Tile & Marble) Chris Kamis (Absolute Roofing) Charles Kelley Bill Knop (City of Cleveland Heights) Anthony Malcolm (Green Integrated Services) Dan McConnaughy & Michael Carr (H.A.M.… Read the rest

February is Lyndhurst month

HRRC is offering a special incentive to residents of Lyndhurst in February. For all our February repair workshops, Lyndhurst residents will pay only $5, instead of the regular $15 fee. Our February classes will teach you how to add a new circuit, install a light fixture or ceiling fan, understand lighting options, and repair doorbells and other low-voltage systems.… Read the rest

Special problems with older roofs

Owners of older homes may not be familiar with some of the problems they may face in trying to maintain their roof: ice dams; roof staining, moss, and mold; and finding companies that can repair historic materials like slate, tile, and shakes.… Read the rest
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Repair Tips

When does a repair need a permit?

Homeowners often have questions about permits for repairs. Since requirements can vary from community to community, we always suggest calling your city’s Building Department if you are unsure about permit requirements. The information below is based on permit requirements in Cleveland Heights: 1.… Read the rest

Plaster & drywall repair

In most homes built before 1945, the interior walls were finished with plaster and lath. After WWII, drywall replaced plaster and lath, allowing for quicker and more uniform construction. Although the two products are different, repairs to plaster and drywall can be made in much the same manner.… Read the rest

Window glass options

With all the “hype” about new windows, homeowners sometimes wonder if there is any benefit to keeping their old windows, but replacing the glass. Are new glass options better than the original glass? The short answer is that it depends on what you mean by “better.” If we are just talking equivalent quality of a flat, single pane of glass, there probably isn’t much difference to the ordinary homeowner. … Read the rest
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