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HRRC Annual Meeting on June 18th

The keynote speaker at HRRC’s Annual Meeting will be Judge Raymond L. Pianka of the Cleveland Housing Court. At the Housing Court, Judge Pianka has implemented innovative programs to obtain compliance with the city’s building, housing, and health codes and worked to preserve Cleveland and its neighborhoods. … Read the rest

Remedies for “soggy” yards

If your yard resembles a swamp during periods of extended rain, you may be wondering how to improve the situation. J. Meiring Borcherds, Watershed Coordinator, Sustainable Environments Program of the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, will talk about “Yard Drainage Options” at a free presentation from 7 to 8:30 pm on Tuesday, June 30th, at HRRC’s Teaching Center.… Read the rest

June is Shaker Heights month

HRRC is offering a special incentive to Shaker Heights residents in June. For all our June repair workshops, Shaker Heights residents will pay only $5, instead of the regular $10 fee. Check out our workshop schedule and reserve your spot now.… Read the rest

New water heater standards may affect cost, fit

New Department of Energy efficiency standards for residential tank-type water heaters went into effect on April 16th. While the greatest impact will be on larger units, homeowners replacing a more typical-size water heater (55 gallons and below) will see a modest increase in efficiency – 4% on average – due to increased insulation and improved heat exchangers on gas-powered units.… Read the rest
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Negotiating a payment schedule

One of the most frustrating parts of dealing with a contractor can come at the end of a project, when – even though most of the work has been completed and paid for – there are a few small details that the contractor has promised to fix “in the next few days.” Weeks later, they are still unfinished, and the contractor has not responded to your calls.… Read the rest

“Look” of new mortar important

One of the most common questions people have when preparing to tuckpoint (replacing deteriorated mortar between bricks) is how to make the new mortar look similar to the “sound” mortar already in the joints. While professionals may make their own mortar mix (from cement or lime, plus sand other ingredients), most homeowners doing small tuckpointing projects will find it easiest to buy a bag of pre-mixed “mortar mix” from their local hardware or building supply store.… Read the rest

What if my home has asbestos?

Homeowners may be surprised to find how many building materials used on houses built before 1975 may contain asbestos. Asbestos is most frequently found wrapped around furnaces/boilers and heating ducts in the basement, but was also used in some types of blown-in insulation, vinyl floor tiles and linoleum, adhesive that glued flooring to concrete, siding shingles, and many other materials.… Read the rest
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