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Advanced Workshops: More Hands-On

If you’ve looked at the schedule of repair classes on our website lately, you’ll notice that our Project Repair program has a new “shape.” We’ve made a few “tweaks” to our Monday workshops that will allow people to explore some repair topics in greater detail.… Read the rest

October is for Mayfields

Our October HouseMender University presentation will be held at the beautiful Mayfield Library, and residents of Mayfield Heights and Mayfield Village will be eligible for special pricing for the four classes and workshops that follow this talk: $10 for the three classes in October (instead of the usual $15 fee), and a reduced Classroom Fee of $15 (plus $20 Materials Fee) for the Advanced Workshop in November.… Read the rest

Project Repair classes focus on interiors

Fall is here, and HRRC is turning our attention to…WALLS.  Well, we’re looking at how to make our four walls more pleasant to look at, since we’re going to be spending a lot of time together.  If you’re thinking your rooms are ready for a new look, check out Project Repair’s “Interior Spruce-Up” series.… Read the rest

Planning to spruce up your home?

HRRC will offer a free presentation, “Paints & Interiors in 2016,” to inspire and energize you to improve your indoor space. Sheila Tiddle, Color Consultant at Sherwin Williams, will have tips and pictures galore to get your creative juices moving. She’ll also answer your questions about how to use color, what paint products to use, and how to use professionals to help you achieve the look you want.… Read the rest
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Repair Tips

Caulking & Weatherization

Autumn may be a confusing time of year if you need to seal up your house for the coming winter.  Where do you use caulking?  Weatherstripping?  Glazing?  How are they different? Don’t feel alone in your confusion.  There are a lot of products available, and the differences among them, where you use them, and how you use them would likely confuse many home builders as well. … Read the rest

Check out your fireplace

Most people enjoy sitting in front of a cozy fire on a wintry evening. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, it’s important to make sure everything is in working order before building that first fire of the season.… Read the rest

Preparing for Emergencies

Whether the result of a storm or a regional blackout like the one in August 2003, multiple systems can be affected when the electricity goes out for any reason. It’s a good idea to have certain emergency preparations in place at all times, to stave off hunger and cold in case our power, water, or other support systems are interrupted for an extended period.… Read the rest
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