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Support HRRC when you shop amazon.com

AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. Amazon will donate .5% of your eligible purchases at Amazon.com to HRRC if you sign-in through the AmazonSmile site and select HRRC as your charity.… Read the rest

HRRC to co-sponsor Shaker Heights Senior Expo

Seniors are invited to attend the Shaker Heights Senior Expo on Thursday, December 18th from 12:30 – 4:30 pm at the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Community Building at 3450 Lee Rd. The Expo, sponsored by Home Repair Resource Center and the City of Shaker Heights, is free and open to residents of all communities.… Read the rest

Special problems with older roofs

Owners of older homes may not be familiar with some of the problems they may face in trying to maintain their roof: ice dams; roof staining, moss, and mold; and finding companies that can repair historic materials like slate, tile, and shakes.… Read the rest

January is Euclid month

HRRC is offering a special incentive to residents of Euclid in January. For all our January repair workshops, Euclid residents will pay only $5, instead of the regular $15 fee. This is a great chance to try a class or two, or to practice using the tools and techniques needed to do a repair you want to tackle yourself.… Read the rest

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Resolve to clear street grates and hydrants

Making those New Year’s resolutions? Consider “adopting” a nearby street grate and fire hydrant.
In many communities, budget cuts mean that street drains and hydrants are no longer cleared regularly by city employees. When grates over street basins become covered with leaves, twigs, and debris, nearby roadways and yards can experience severe flooding during heavy rainstorms.… Read the rest

Assess your electrical system before updating it

Many older houses are inadequately wired for today’s lifestyles. Before consulting an electrician about an electrical update, determine how you use electricity now. Make an “electrical map” of your house, showing all outlets, lights, and “hidden” electrical consumers (such as dishwashers, garbage disposals, or exhaust fans.) Then, determine the circuit every item is on, add up the wattage load for each circuit, and compare that total to its capacity: for 12-gauge wire, 2400 watts; for 14-gauge wire, 1800 watts.… Read the rest

Pressure regulators prevent plumbing problems

In many Northeastern Ohio communities, residential water pressure can be too high. Your water pressure is usually set by the municipal water company; that pressure, which needs to be sufficient to get water to hydrants and structures at high elevations, often exceeds 100-150 psi.… Read the rest

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