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HRRC to help homeowners remodel for accessibility

As homeowners age, they start to think more seriously about how they might retrofit their home to allow them to “age in place” — to remain in their current living environment despite future changes in mobility. However, it soon becomes evident that adapting an older home for increased accessibility is not always easy.… Read the rest

New senior workshops emphasize security

Home Repair Resource Center has scheduled several presentations to help keep senior homeowners safer during the coming months. These free workshops will be held at HRRC’s Teaching Center:
Safe at Home: Wednesday, November 5th, 11 am – 12:30 pm
Seniors can feel vulnerable in their homes, especially when winter weather isolates you from friends and relatives.… Read the rest

Partnership with Shaker Heights showing great results

Since HRRC launched its partnership with the City of Shaker Heights in July, we have experienced an influx of new program participants from that community eager to learn how to care for their homes. In August and September, twelve new households joined our Project Repair program, and most of them took advantage of the reduced class fees for our “hands-on” repair classes.… Read the rest

November is South Euclid month

HRRC is offering a special incentive to residents of South Euclid in November. For all our November repair workshops, South Euclid residents will pay only $5, instead of the regular $15 fee. This is a great chance to try a class or two, or to practice using the tools and techniques needed to do a repair you want to tackle yourself.… Read the rest

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Radiator Repair & Maintenance

If you have a boiler (for a hot water or steam heating system), the heat will be distributed throughout your home via pipes and radiators. When they are all working properly, you probably don’t give your radiators a second thought. But, when you hear noises, or when the radiators don’t heat up evenly, you can sometimes do some simple maintenance to improve the functioning of your system.… Read the rest

Holiday lighting safety

Many people celebrate the holiday season by adding electric lights and lighted decorations to their home and yard. Yet, if sufficient care is not taken, these items can be the source of a disastrous house fire; according to the US Fire Administration, one out of three Christmas tree fires is caused by electrical problems.… Read the rest

Winter snow can shut down your high-efficiency furnace

Homeowners are often surprised when their fairly new high-efficiency furnace shuts down unexpectedly in the middle of winter. In many cases, the problem is due to ice build-up in the vent pipe, blocking the exhaust flow. In models that are 90% efficient or greater, the lower temperature of the exhaust can allow moisture (a by-product of combustion) to condense in the flue, especially when outdoor temperatures drop into the 20’s or below.… Read the rest

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