Highlights of 2012

  • 240 households were helped to make over $531,500 in home repairs (all programs)
  • 35 households borrowed for home repairs through HRRC’s Financial Assistance Programs
  • 25 high-risk loans were guaranteed, allowing completion of essential repairs and access to conventional credit for homeowners who would otherwise be subject to costly fees and/or sub-prime lending rates
  • As a HUD-certified counseling agency, Home Repair Resource Center provided foreclosure counseling and intervention services to more than 325 households to combat escalating foreclosures in our community
  • More than 300 households were served by Home Repair Resource Center’s financial education and counseling program, which helps participants improve their budgeting and money management skills and gives prospective home buyers a better understanding of the home buying process.
  • 318 households participated in Project Repair’s hands-on workshops, tool loans and consultations
  • 15 low- and moderate-income women heads of house graduated from HRRC’s Home How-To program, a six-month “hands-on” skills training course in basic carpentry, electrical and plumbing repairs
  • the 17th annual “Community Home Remodeling Fair,” co-sponsored with the City of Cleveland Heights, attracted over 100 residents
  • HRRC partnered with the Heights Libraries to make our resources more widely available
  • overall, more than 1200 residents were assisted with budget counseling, repair advice, help and information

Electrical workshop


Community Benefit — Historical Perspective:

  • over the last five years, $2.6 million in repairs have been accomplished (all programs)
  • over $871,000 in repairs were completed through HRRC’s Financial Assistance Programs during that period
  • over $1.2 million in repairs were completed through Project Repair’s workshops, tools and advice during that period