Project Repair workshopHRRC’s “hands-on” workshops are available to residents of all communities, regardless of income. Most are held in our Teaching Center at 2520 Noble Road, two blocks north of Monticello in Cleveland Heights.

Workshop attendees pay a modest materials fee: $10 for resident of Cleveland Heights and Shaker Heights, and $15 for non-residents. (Scholarships are available to Cleveland Heights residents with low incomes.) Fees may be paid by cash or check.

Reservations are required. To reserve a spot in a workshop, call (216) 381-6100, ext. 16, or email Please include a daytime phone number so that we can contact you to finalize your reservation. First-time participants should also complete the online application for the Project Repair program.

Please let us know about repairs completed through Project Repair by completing a reporting form.

Gift cards for repair workshops can be a great present for new homeowners, home repair enthusiasts, and anyone who, due to life changes, is responsible for the maintenance needs of a home. Print out our order form and send it to HRRC with your payment.



Intro to Electricity
Monday, January 5th, 7 – 9 pm
Instructor: Dennis Meltzer, retired electricianYou’ll learn what electricity is, how it comes to your home and is distributed to your appliances, how to compute the load on your circuits, and how to ensure your safety when working with electricity.

Repairing Switches & Outlets
Monday, January 12th, 7 – 9 pm
Instructor: Dennis Meltzer, retired electrician
Come and learn how to install basic single-pole switches and outlets, and how to troubleshoot problems when they don’t function as they should.

Three-Way Switches & GFCI Outlets
Tuesday, January 20th, 7 – 9 pm
Instructor: Dennis Meltzer, retired electrician
Three-way switches are a common source of irritation when they don’t work. Learn how to troubleshoot problems in the wires running between your light and the two switches controlling it. You’ll also learn how to install ground-fault circuit interrupter outlets that are now required in many locations in your house and garage.

Running Wires through Walls
Monday, January 26th, 7 – 9 pm
Instructor: Dennis Meltzer, retired electricianWe’ll show you techniques for running wires for additional outlets, to a wall switch for a ceiling fan or light fixture, etc. – whether in an unfinished basement or attic or through finished walls and ceilings.



Adding a New Circuit
Monday, February 2nd, 7 – 9 pm
Instructor: Dennis Meltzer, retired electrician
We’ll talk about how to think creatively about running wires for a new circuit and show you how to connect that wiring into the service panel.

Light Fixtures & Ceiling Fans

Monday, February 9th, 7 – 9 pm
Instructor: Dennis Meltzer, retired electrician
You’ll learn how to mount a light fixture or ceiling fan and wire it into an existing circuit. We’ll also talk about how to run wires from the fan to a wall switch and/or service panel, if that wiring is not already present.

Lighting Options
Tuesday, February 17th, 7 – 9 pm
Instructor: Fred Cortright, sustainability advocate
We’ll talk about selecting lighting for various areas of your house, based on considerations like function, aesthetics, energy usage, and cost.

Doorbells & Other Low-Voltage Systems
Monday, February 23rd, 7 – 9 pm
Instructor: Dennis Meltzer, retired electrician
Working with low-voltage wiring (for doorbells, telephones, security systems, and landscape lighting) is really quite simple. We’ll show you how to install and repair these systems, easily and safely.



Monday, March 2nd, 7 – 9 pm
Instructor: Charles Kelley, Plumber, City of Cleveland
We’ll show you how to solve the mystery of “ghost flushes” in the middle of the night; what to do about a toilet that runs constantly; what tools to use when your toilet is clogged; and how to choose and install a new toilet.

Monday, March 9th, 7 – 9 pm
Instructor: Charles Kelley, Plumber, City of Cleveland
At this class, you’ll learn how to repair various types of faucets and how to replace an old faucet with a new model.

Drains, Traps, & Sewers
Monday, March 16th, 7 – 9 pm
Instructor: Charles Kelley, Plumber, City of Cleveland
We’ll talk about how your drain lines function and how to maintain and update your drain system. You’ll learn how to assemble plastic drain pipes, fittings and traps and how to operate a drain snake to clear clogged lines.

Copper & Plastic Water Lines
Monday, March 23rd, 7 – 9 pm
Instructor: Johnny Cochran, Cochran Plumbing
You’ll learn how to measure, cut and connect pipes and fittings in copper, as well as in CPVC and PEX (types of plastic piping frequently used as an alternative to copper).

Building a Rain Barrel
Monday, March 30th, 7 – 9 pm
Instructor: Wesley Walker, HRRC
Adding a rain barrel to your gutter system can help you control surface water — and reduce your sewer bill. You’ll learn how to construct a rain barrel and attach it to your downspout. Please note special fees: If you wish to build a rain barrel in class to take home, fee for class plus materials: $60 Cleveland Heights residents, $65 non-residents. (Regular fees if not building a barrel.) Reservations and payment for the “class plus materials” option must be received by March 23rd.


Check back for future workshops…