Student Volunteers 2008

Student volunteers from University School

Whether you have a lot of time to contribute — or just a bit — you can help facilitate Home Repair Resource Center’s community mission and be part of “keeping Cleveland Heights in good repair.” You can serve as an instructor or as an assistant to check in participants at our hands-on workshops; help with upkeep of our building by volunteering for interior painting or yard and garden work; staff our receptionist desk for three hours per week; serve on a board committee; assist with fundraising; or assist in preparing bulk mailings or in performing other office tasks.

If you are interested in teaching a repair workshop, please check out our instructor information sheet. For other volunteer tasks, you can fill out Home Repair Resource Center’s “volunteer opportunities form” to give us a more general idea of your interests, skills, and time available. Just call us at 381-6100 or drop by our facility at 2520 Noble Road (two blocks north of Monticello, at the corner of Oxford Road).